Enter To Win 

 B I O G R A P H Y 


Ambushing the scene in 2019, Moneyseason 3rd has landed firmly on his feet making an immediate impact on the Seattle Music Scene. Hailing from Crowder, MS the MC embraced the Pacific Northwest after he visited his brother BIGGS in Tacoma, WA a couple of years ago, and he hasn’t looked back.
With his music crossing over multiple genres and soundscapes, 3rd’s medley of gripping narratives and melodic cadence are among the slew of reasons why he is becoming a cultural staple and an outright fan favorite. Within the context of his rhymes you see that he has cultivated a laid-back style concentrated on weed, women, hustling, and his distinctively hazy perspective on everyday life. However, with his gentle vibrato and bluesy tone, he seems to stand out in an artistic world of his own; blending genres every time he pens a verse or a hook.
His first single “Senorita”, shows listeners that 3rd is far from one-dimensional. Meshing Spanish and English into a linguistic style that is as infectious as it is smooth. The production of the song pairs smooth vocals with trap drums and flamenco guitars, allowing the LX3 entertainment signee to position himself, and the listener, into the perfect pocket.
The inspirations behind his lyrics are complex. Driven by a multitude of motivations, one seems to stand out with a bit more emphasis then the others. Making reference to his late cousin Juno who passed away in 2016, 3rd says, “Juno, and his legacy are the main motivations behind my team and myself. Knowing that he can’t be here with us today, drives us to make the best product we can; so that his memory may live on forever through our music.” Moneyseason is not just a name, but also a promise to one another that they will stop at nothing to secure the bag and forge their own legacy, for themselves, their families, and of course for Juno.
Moneyseason consists of 3rd, his brother BIGGS, and their large crew of supporters. LX3 Entertainment embraces 3rd’s philosophy and has begun fostering alliances with producers who are sure to help manifest major numbers. Equipped with the LX3’s in-house producer “Skipp”, 3rd has been delving out hot tracks, one after another.
Songs like “Awesome”, “Huh”, and “Stone Cold”, helped get 3rd noticed by other influencers in the game, and in early 2020 he received an invite to the prestigious “Diamonds Dancing” recording sessions at Seattle’s legendary “Studio Sage”. Working on a community project amongst Seattle Standouts Macntaj, Romero Franceswa, Sol, Mr. Hentaii, King Youngblood, Chace Henny, and many others. This 2- day studio session cemented 3rd’s presence in the community at large, and set him up for major collaborations moving forward.
During the national quarantine 3rd has spent most of his time in the lab, cooking up new music for his growing fan base. He’s motivated, he’s gifted, and he’s #YBFR. That’s referencing the newly donned hashtag “Ya Bitch Favorite Rapper”. And while that’s a clever statement to feed the ego, there’s no doubt in my mind that after one solid listen to this MC, you might find that he is indeed, your new favorite artist.